Latest Google Camera For Alcatel 3 2019

Do you want to enhance the camera quality of your Alcatel 3 2019? Then must download Google Camera on Alcatel 3 2019 and experience a remarkable improvement in your photo capture.

My suggestion is don’t settle for average when you can get exceptional image results. Give your Alcatel 3 2019 the camera it deserves by downloading GCam Apk today!

This post is based on my personal experience, here you will find a Google Camera for Alcatel 3 2019 which will help you to upgrade the overall camera quality.

We all know that regardless of the brand, not all devices provide good quality or even worse performance when you use the native camera app.

But today you can get HDR image quality just by downloading the latest Alcatel GCam port. Till now most people are not aware except only a few tech users. If you want in-depth information about it, then I am giving you important information related to it which is based on my experience.

What is Google Camera or GCam Apk?

Google Camera For Alcatel 3 2019

GCam APK is a modified version of the official Google Camera app that is designed to work on non-Google devices. It is a third-party camera app that is created to replicate the features and capabilities of the Google Camera app, which is known for its exceptional image quality and advanced camera features. 

GCam APK is popular among Android users because it allows them to capture high-quality photos and videos with their devices, even if they do not have access to the official Google Camera app. 

The GCam app is often used by smartphone enthusiasts and photographers who want to take advantage of advanced camera features, such as Night Sight, HDR+, and Portrait mode.

As smartphone photography continues to gain popularity, many Android users are searching for ways to improve their camera skills. A popular option for enhancing camera capabilities is the Google Camera app

Alcatel 3 2019 users can take advantage of this by exploring the GCam for Alcatel. This list showcases how the app can significantly enhance the camera capabilities of their device, leading to higher-quality photos and videos.


  1. Advanced AI Tech: Experience a diverse range of features powered by advanced AI technology, enhancing your photography capabilities.
  2. Improved Night Mode: Capture stunning low-light photos with the special Night Sight feature, producing clearer and well-exposed images even in dimly lit environments.
  3. Immersive Colors and Contrast: Enjoy vibrant and visually appealing photos with immersive colors and well-balanced contrast, adding depth and visual impact to your shots.
  4. AR Element Library: Explore a dedicated library of augmented reality (AR) elements, allowing you to add creative and interactive elements to your photos, making them more fun and engaging.
  5. Better Details and Saturation: GCam ensures improved details and proper saturation in your normal shots, resulting in sharper images with accurate color representation.


  1. Finding Right GCam: It can be challenging to find the perfect GCam port that aligns with your specific needs and device. With various versions and ports available, it may take some research and experimentation to find the one that suits you best.
  2. Varying Features: Not all Google Camera ports offer the same set of features. It’s important to understand that each port may have its own limitations or exclusions, so it’s crucial to identify which features are important to you before choosing a specific port.
  3. Setting Up .xml Files: To access additional features and customization options, you may need to set up .xml files. These files contain pre-defined configurations that can enhance the functionality of the GCam app, allowing you to fine-tune your photography experience.
  4. Potential Data Loss: Occasionally, you may encounter issues where photos or videos taken with GCam are not saved properly. It’s essential to back up your media files regularly to avoid any potential loss.
  5. App Stability: Like any software, the GCam app can experience occasional crashes. Factors such as device compatibility, port stability, or conflicts with other applications can contribute to these occasional instabilities. Keeping your app updated and being patient can help minimize such occurrences.

Google Camera vs Alcatel 3 2019 Stock Camera

Google Camera and Alcatel 3 2019 Stock Camera are two different camera applications available on Android devices so it is important to have some basic knowledge about both before you go ahead.

Google Camera; Also known as GCam is a camera app developed by Google and known for its advanced features and image processing capabilities.

It offers many features like HDR+, Night Sight, Portrait Mode, etc. Google Camera uses advanced algorithms to enhance image quality, improve low-light performance, and generate better dynamic ranges in photos.

It is highly regarded and often considered one of the best camera apps for Android.

Alcatel Stock Camera; On the other hand, Alcatel 3 2019 Stock Camera refers to the default camera app that comes pre-installed on the Alcatel 3 2019 smartphone.

The stock camera app is developed exclusively by Alcatel for their devices and may vary in features and functionality depending on the specific model.

While stock camera apps generally provide basic photography features such as capturing photos and videos, they may not have the same level of advanced features or image processing capabilities as Google Camera.

In terms of image quality and performance, Google Camera is generally considered to be better than most stock camera apps, including the Alcatel 3 2019 Stock Camera.

Google Camera has advanced image processing algorithms and features that often result in better-looking photos with greater dynamic range, clearer details, and improved low-light performance.

Keep in mind that not all devices are officially supported, and installing a modified version of the app may require some technical knowledge or the use of third-party websites.

Best Gcam Version for Alcatel 3 2019

As soon as you start searching GCam Apk for Alcatel 3 2019 in Google search, you will find various developers’ communities but it is very difficult to find out which one is the best for Alcatel 3 2019.

But in this post, you don’t need to worry about that because I have listed the best five GCam APKs for your Alcatel 3 2019 based on my experience and usage.

The five versions I have selected for you are the most popular ones that are easily compatible with your Alcatel 3 2019 and can be easily downloaded to any Alcatel Android phone.

  • BSG GCam Port: The beauty of this GCam port lies in its seamless compatibility, which supports not only Android 13 but also a wide range of devices. Regardless of the specifications of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Greatness GCam Port: With impressive features, it’s safe to say that recommending the Greatness GCam Port is an absolute no-brainer. Embrace the greatness that awaits you and elevate your photography game to new heights.
  • Arnova8G2 GCam Port: Join the legions of satisfied users who have embraced the Arnova8G2 GCam Port. Its popularity speaks volumes about its quality and performance. From enhanced image processing algorithms to advanced manual controls, this version brings a host of features that will elevate your photography to new heights.
  • Nikita GCam Port: One of the remarkable aspects of the Nikita GCam Port is its commitment to continuous improvement. Stay ahead of the curve with frequent updates, ensuring that you have access to the latest features and optimizations without any hassle.
  • Hasli GCam Port: Prepare to elevate your photography to new heights with Hasli’s GCam Port. Unleash your creativity, capture breathtaking moments, and join the community of enthusiasts who have discovered the true artistry that lies within this exceptional creation.

Download GCam Apk On Alcatel 3 2019

We have always indicated many times and again that there is no exact apk or config which will work the same or best for every phone but based on experience in the case of the Alcatel 3 2019 phone we have selected one of the best which fits well according to the settings.

Above I had given five options that personally or my team has used or still using. But I would recommend you look for other alternatives to get a fair idea about the key features.

Google Camera For Alcatel 3 2019
File NameGCam APK
Latest Version8.8
Requires13 & below
DeveloperBSG, Arnova8G2
Last Updated1 day ago

Note; I would recommend you check whether your Android phone is compatible with the Google Camera app before proceeding with the download process. Your phone must be Camera2API enabled; If not, check out this guide.

How to Install Google Camera APK on Alcatel 3 2019?

Once you get the .apk file, download it on the Alcatel 3 2019 smartphone, your installation is slightly different from the Google Play Store but still follows the Play Store installation and downloading process.

If you’ve never installed an APK file before, you’ll need to follow the steps to complete a manual installation.

  • Once you have downloaded the GCam Apk.
  • Find File Manager, and open it.
  • Go to the Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the Gcam apk file to proceed with the installation process.
  • Give the required permissions to install the APK.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • Open the app to enjoy amazing camera features.

Great news! You have successfully completed the process, and now it’s time to enjoy all the fantastic benefits that come with it.

Please note that sometimes you may encounter an error while installing the Google Camera app on your Oppo Reno8 T phone, causing it to stop working. If this happens, we recommend following the steps below to resolve the issue.

Why GCam Apk Not Open?

Sometimes even after proper installation, you are not able to open the application. If this is happening to you too, then follow our guidelines, so that you can easily get rid of this problem.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Access the App and see all apps.
  • Find your Google Camera app, and open it.
  • Click on Storage
  • Clear Cache.

If these steps, which I mentioned don’t work for you. There can be a few reasons why the installation failed. Let us know what could be the most likely reasons.

  • You may already have the Google Camera app on your phone, remove it before installing the new version.
  • Check Camera2API support on your Alcatel 3 2019 smartphone model.
  • Please verify the latest Android update on Alcatel 3 2019.
  • The app is not compatible with your Alcatel 3 2019 phones due to the older chipset.
  • Applications that you download may require the import of XML configuration files.

How To Load/Import XML Config Files on Alcatel 3 2019?

Some Gcam ports work excellently and easily support .xml files, all of which offer remarkable settings for better use. But in this case, you have to create those config files based on the Gcam mods model and manually add them to the file manager.

Simply put, if you installed a GCAM8 version, the config file will be named Configs8, while installing a GCAM7 version will be Config7, and for older versions like GCam6, it’s just Config.

For better understanding, follow the steps to configure the XML file on the phone.

  • Create a GCam folder in the file manager.
  • Create a secondary Configs folder based on the GCam version, and open it.
  • Move the .xml files to that configuration folder.
  • Tap on the GCam application.
  • Double-click in the blank area right next to the shutter button.
  • Select the configuration (.xml file) and click on Restore.
  • On Android 11 or above, you need to select “Allow management of all files”. (Sometimes, you have to follow the process twice)

If you don’t encounter any errors during this process, the app will restart and you’ll be able to access additional features. Another way is to tap on the Gcam settings and go to the configuration option to save the .xml files.

Recommendation: To save individual config .xml files, use short and easy-to-understand file names, such as Gcam.xml. Note the same config will not work with different modders. For example, a Gcam 8 configuration will not work properly with a Gcam 7.

How to Use GCam App on Alcatel 3 2019?

To start using the Google Camera app on your Alcatel 3 2019, follow these simple steps:

First, download and install the GCam.

If there are config files available for your phone, you can also get them. If you’re happy with the default settings, you don’t need to import any files.

Once everything is set up, open the app and take amazing photos using the AI software.

You’ll have access to different modes like Astrophotography, portrait, HDR+, Slow-motion video recording, AR stickers, Night Sight, and more to enhance your photography experience.


Why GCam App Keeps Crashing on Alcatel 3 2019?

There are no single reasons why the GCam might not work on your phone. It could be because your phone’s hardware doesn’t support it, the GCam version you have is meant for a different phone, the settings are not set correctly, the camera2API is turned off, or it’s not compatible with your Android version.

There could also be some issues with the GApp, which is needed for GCam to work. These are some of the reasons why GCam might not be feasible on your phone.

Which GCam version should I use for Alcatel 3 2019?

Choosing the right GCam version is not easy, but what’s important is that it works well with your Alcatel 3 2019 phone. It doesn’t matter if it’s an older or newer version, as long as it’s compatible with your phone and works smoothly.

Remember, compatibility is the most important thing to consider.

Why I Can’t install GCam APK on Alcatel 3 2019?

Sometimes, you might have trouble installing the GCam app on your Alcatel 3 2019. There could be a few reasons for this, like already having GCam installed, using an incompatible version for your Android, or a problem with the download.

In simple terms, make sure to get the right GCam port that works with your Alcatel phone.

Why I Can’t view photos/videos inside GCam on Alcatel 3 2019?

Usually, when we take photos and videos with Gcam, they are stored in a stock gallery. But sometimes, this gallery app may not be able to show “motion photos.”

If that happens, don’t worry! You can fix it by downloading another app called Google Photos. Once you have Google Photos, you can set it as the main gallery app on your Alcatel 3 2019.

Then, you’ll be able to see all the Gcam photos and videos you took whenever you want.

How to use Astrophotography on Alcatel 3 2019?

Simple, the Google camera app has a special feature called “Astrophotography.” It’s either found in the Night Sight or Night Mode. On your Alcatel 3 2019 phone, you can look for this feature in the GCam settings.

When you use it, make sure to keep your phone still or use a tripod so that your pictures turn out great.


After reading and understanding each section, you now have all the information you need to begin using the Google camera on your Alcatel 3 2019.

With this knowledge, downloading and using any GCam port on your Oppo device should be much easier and smoother.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We’ll do our best to answer them as quickly as we can.

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