Google Camera Mods and Features [GCam 9.1]

There is no doubt that GCam Port is a great app with the latest and futuristic features including HDR+, Night Vision, Astrography, Panorama, and many more. Let us dive into the pool of Google Camera mods and features.

I want to assure you that its features will outperform your Android stock camera results, and the end result will surprise you.

Google Camera Mods and Features

GCam 9.1 has added some cool features that were not there in the previous version, let’s find out the features of the latest Google Camera App.


This feature helps the camera software capture images in the two to five range by cleaning up and correcting dark areas of the photo. Plus, the Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) feature also works in the same zone to capture key moments that will always make you feel alive.

Although it doesn’t produce as good an end result as “HDR+ Enhance”, there is a noticeable improvement in the overall photo quality through this feature.

HDR+ Enhance

This feature takes multiple pictures within a few seconds and then with the help of an internal AI algorithm merges each shot and gives an amazing result with clear details. Plus, you’ll find that the same feature adds a higher frame count to night shots, giving you exceptionally bright photos without having to use Night Mode.

But if taking a picture in low light you will need to hold the phone steady as the software will need a few seconds to learn all the details.

Night Sight

When it comes to taking pictures in low light, the Google phone’s Night Mode is totally worth it. Its advanced technology delivers proper contrast and color through the medium and is capable of giving you a vibrant end result. If your phone supports OIS, then be sure that you will get the best result from it. In a sentence, it would do a great job with optical image stabilization.


Experts and we believe that portrait mode has evolved a lot since the last few updates and if you believe the new version of Google Camera has come closer to DSR-like pictures.

However, not all Android versions produce the same exceptional results, mainly because the app isn’t capable of syncing with the camera hardware. Despite this, you get clear portrait results from Google Camera.

AR Sticker

Augmented Reality provides a different experience of viewing objects and this feature provides details with relevant background. The AR stickers feature was released on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and it is still the coolest feature we have.

Third-party developers are constantly improving this feature so that after recording a video you can get the best results without any effort.

Top Shot

The main function of this feature is that it takes multiple pictures at the same time and presents the best picture to you, it is somewhat like “HDR+ enhance”. Top Shot camera app helps to read contrast and colors and gives the best results with the help of AI software.

Video Stabilizer

The app uses advanced algorithms to analyze video content and adjust camera movements in real-time, resulting in smoother and more professional footage. When using Google Camera’s video stabilization to record all your priceless moments in breathtaking clarity, you don’t have to worry about shaky or blurry photos or videos.

Super Res Zoom

To get high-resolution results, it has multi-frame zoom capabilities. The latest Google Camera Port Apk can provide precise details and 2~3x optical zoom offers depending on your Smartphone hardware. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about the zooming capability even if you have an old phone.

Additional Features

  • Google Lens: This feature allows you to detect text, copy QR codes, and identify languages, products, movies, and many more with a single click.
  • Photo Sphere: This gives a 360-degree visual photo experience, and it is similar to the panorama feature because you are taking pictures in one place.
  • Slow Motion Video: You can record videos in Google Camera’s Slow Motion mode at up to 120 or 240 frames per second (fps) depending on the device.
  • Time-Lapse: With time-lapse mode, you have total control over the final results because you can adjust the capture interval, duration, and playback speed.
  • Lens Blur: When you want to accentuate a particular subject while keeping the surroundings out of focus, like in portrait or product photography, the Lens Blur feature is ideal.
  • Photobooth: It has a self-timer that automatically captures a series of photos when a smile or funny face is detected. It uses advanced AI algorithms to recognize faces and expressions, with high-end design to get the perfect shot every time.


We have explained in detail almost all the features of the latest Google Camera port in front of you. So don’t worry, choose the latest GCam according to your Android version.

If you still have any doubts then go through our Google Camera Tips and Tricks section and know everything in detail.

If you are satisfied then choose your best Google Camera according to your Android phone model

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