Dear friend, you are coming to this website to download Gcam for Lenovo When it comes to phone photography, you use your Lenovo phone’s stock camera without thinking twice, while you have the best camera app in the world, which we know as the Google Camera app.

We know that the Lenovo smartphone has a good stock camera but it will be closer to the Google Camera. As we know that Google Camera is at the peak of its popularity due to its advanced features and excellent AI-image processing algorithms.

The latest version of GCam Apk v9.1 is pleasing the users with all its features, of course, you are able to download Google Camera on Lenovo Android phones.

On this page, you will learn step by step guide on how to download and install GCam APK on your Lenovo phone. Also, you know about its features and capabilities.

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Google Camera vs Lenovo Stock Camera

You will find many surprising features and differences when you compare Lenovo Stock Camera and GCam.

Image Quality – GCam’s powerful algorithms and AI-image processing features produce exceptional images in a wide variety of lighting conditions. It excels in low-light photography, preserving details and reducing noise. Additionally, the software’s HDR+ mode ensures well-balanced exposure, resulting in photos with a wide dynamic range.

Lenovo’s stock camera performs well, not perfectly, but it can capture some decent pictures when the environment is good. However, it can struggle in low light conditions, resulting in more grainy and less detailed images than the GCam.

User Interface and Features – The user interface of GCam is super simple and user-friendly, you can easily access camera features and settings, including advanced features like Night Sight, Portrait Mode, and Astrophotography Mode, which enhance the overall phone photography.

Lenovo’s stock camera offers a simple and intuitive interface. Although it lacks some of the advanced features present in GCam, it offers a smooth experience for casual photographers.

Speed and Performance – Due to its complex image processing, GCam may experience a slight delay in capturing and processing photos. The compromise is reasonable if you want the highest image quality.

The stock camera works efficiently with Lenovo devices, resulting in snappy performance. It captures pictures fast and offers a smooth photography experience.

Customization Options – The GCam offers a wide range of customization options and manual controls, allowing enthusiasts to fine-tune their photography settings according to user preferences.

While the stock camera lacks the customization found in the GCam, it still provides users with the necessary manual settings to adjust aspects such as exposure and white balance.

Campability GCam For Lenovo

Download GCam For Lenovo

Before going through the process of downloading it is very important to know whether your Lenovo phone is capable of Google Camera or not.

  • Make sure your Lenovo phone is running on the latest version of Android.
  • Make sure your phone has enough RAM (minimum 2 GB RAM) and is running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
  • Check Camera2 API is enabled on your Lenovo phone. If not, you will need to enable it before installing the Google Camera app.

Downloading Google Camera 9.1 APK

To download Google Camera APK for your Lenovo Android device, you can follow these steps-

  • Find the Google Camera app for Lenovo Android models on this website.
  • Select the version of the app that is compatible with your Android device.
  • Click on the download button to start the download process.
  • Once the download is complete, move the APK file to your phone’s file manager or internal storage.

Installing Google Camera APK

After downloading the Google Camera app on your Lenovo device, now time to proceed with the installation process!

  1. Go to the APK file location in your device’s file manager.
  2. Click on the APK file to begin the installation process.
  3. Grant the necessary permissions requested by the app during the installation process.
  4. Wait for a few seconds for complete installation, it depends on your internet speed.

After you have successfully installed GCam 9.1 on your Lenovo Android device, you will be able to use the app. Find the app on your phone’s app drawer and enjoy photography with the best camera app.

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Download GCam Port Specific Lenovo Phone

Advanced Features of GCam for Lenovo Phones

By now you must have got some idea that you are going to get some different and advanced features in Google Camera, let’s dive for in-depth information.

Night Slight: It makes your photography exceptionally better in low light, the advanced AI image processing algorithm is behind the perfect pictures. This makes your image brighter and clearer in changing lighting conditions.

Astrophotography: I don’t think this special feature will be available in any common mobile. My favorite feature of Google Camera is that it is specially designed for night photography.

It allows you to take clear and detailed pictures of the night sky including stars and celestial objects. It uses advanced processing techniques to capture the faint light of stars and other celestial objects.

This gives you more beautiful, clearer detailed images of the night sky. If you are interested in photographs of celestial objects, moon, or stars, then this feature gives you a perfect result.

Portrait Mode: This feature is the best option if you want to take a stunning, impressive, and professional-looking portrait photo. It uses advanced algorithms to identify and separate the subject from the background.

Portrait Mode uses the dual camera setup on the Lenovo to create a shallow depth of field effect, which separates your subject and results in a pro-looking image with more depth.

HDR+: This feature offers you to improve the dynamic range of photos by combining multiple images taken at different exposure levels.

It is capable of capturing the full range of colors and brightness in a scene so that you get a more detailed and vibrant picture with better contrast.

SmartBurst: This feature allows you to take pictures faster, making it easier to capture the perfect moment. This feature is perfect for capturing any fast-moving subject, such as the comical mischief of children and pets, and can also be used to create time-lapse effects.

Super Res Zoom: This feature works perfectly if you want to zoom in and capture the image. It uses advanced algorithms to enhance the zoom quality without losing image resolution and image quality.

Motion Photos: This feature is great for those making short videos. When you are creating short videos in this feature mode, you can tell the story in a more dynamic and engaging way. Plus you can add a whole new level of emotion and movement with its help.

RAW Support: Use RAW format features when you want more flexibility and control over photo editing. You can now make advanced adjustments to your photos, such as white balance, highlights, and shadows, resulting in a more polished final image.

Google Lens: Use image recognition technology if you want to learn more about objects and landmarks in your photos. You can identify objects, landmarks, and even text in your photos. This makes it easy to find more information about what you’re looking for.

Panorama Mode, Photo Sphere, and Lens Blur Mode: These features allow you to take wide-angle shots, capture 360-degree photos and videos, and create bokeh effects.

You can also use them to experiment with different perspectives, create stunning panoramic shots, and add depth and dimension to your photos.


Is GCam Apk Safe for Lenovo Phone?

Yes, it is completely safe to use on your Lenovo phone.

How do I enable Unknown Sources on my Lenovo phone?

To enable Unknown Sources, go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Unknown Sources, and toggle the switch to enable it.

Can I use both GCam and Stock Camera simultaneously?

Yes, you can use both Google Camera and the Lenovo Stock Camera. You can switch between them as per your preference.

Are all features of the Google Camera available on all Lenovo Phones?

No, it is completely dependent on phone software and hardware, some features may not be available on Lenovo devices. But you can still enjoy better image processing capabilities and advanced settings.

Can I take photos of stars and other celestial bodies with Google Camera on my Lenovo phone?

Yes, the Google Camera app includes an Astrophotography mode that allows you to take photos of stars and other celestial bodies.

Are there any filters and effects in GCam for Lenovo Phones?

Yes, the Google Camera app has a wide range of filters and effects to enhance the final image.

Does Google Camera have a feature for Zoom?

Yes, GCam has “Super Res Zoom” which uses AI to zoom in on a subject without losing the image quality.


I hope you will understand the importance of the latest Google Camera 9.1. This is one of the best and most advanced features to upgrade your phone photography with GCam Port on Lenovo. GCam for Lenovo has the potential to improve your photography experience with its advanced algorithms can help you take better photos and videos with your iPhone.

The GCam APK for Lenovo article is based on my personal experiment, I hope you learned a lot about how easily download and install GCam 9.1 on your Lenovo device.

I’ve already mentioned some of the most important features of GCam. Google Camera uses advanced imaging algorithms to take your photography skills on top.

So, why wait? Embrace the possibilities and start taking the best photos with Google Camera. Download GCam Apk on your Lenovo now!

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